About Us

The whole 'Boomer and her friends' thing started off simply by discovering the beautiful koalas (and later kangaroos) that visited my area of the Adelaide Hills, and photographing them, and sharing with friends on Facebook.

At their urging I created a calendar (2020) using photographs I'd taken of local koalas, with proceeds going to koala rescue organisations. 

I made a new calendar for 2021 and also started the Boomer and her friends Facebook page. 

This has now grown to have it's own website. 

I am not a wildlife rescuer, I am not a wildlife carer, but I have a passion for keeping and eye on my local koalas and kangaroos and making sure they're healhty, and in the process getting to share these beautiful creatures with you.

And I love that proceeds from every product sold on this site goes towards helping rescue organisations to continue their incredible work.